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TMS Treatment for Depression

About TMS Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a treatment for depression that has been revolutionizing the field of clinical psychiatry.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has been FDA-approved for the treatment of depression since 2008 and has been used extensively worldwide since then.

It is especially helpful for those who do not respond to antidepressants and people who wish to avoid the side effects frequently caused by medications. TMS treatments occur on weekdays and usually include six weeks of non-invasive, in-office treatments that take less than an hour each day, five days each week for approximately 30 treatments.

Dr. Handoo is one of the most experienced psychiatrists in the country for treatment-resistant depression and has performed TMS for over 1,000 patients over the years.

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What is TMS?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive method of stimulating neuro muscular tissue using strong, time varying magnetic fields to induce electrical currents. These can stimulate the cortex, spinal roots and peripheral nerves. Instead of using invasive electrical currents like in electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), the magnetic pulses from TMS are similar in strength to those emitted during a typical MRI. The pulses are directed toward the prefrontal cortex of the brain to change the magnetic field and stimulate neurons within the mood center. This not only mitigates depression for a short time but can also result in long lasting relief.


Benefits of TMS Treatment

How Does Deep TMS Work?

TMS treatment is performed in a doctor’s office while the patient is fully awake and seated in a comfortable chair. Because the magnetic pulses make a sound similar to that of a woodpecker, earplugs are provided. The TMS device is then placed in the proper position on the head, and the magnetic pulses are delivered. The process takes 19 minutes per Deep TMS session.

Dr. Handoo administers Deep TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for patients in Suite 105 at Interpersonal Psychiatry.

It is relatively simple:

  1. The patient takes a seat.
  2. The device is placed on the head
  3. Pulses are delivered for a short time
  4. Patient returns to daily activities

A recent study done in the Journal of Psychiatric Research in 2019 showed Deep TMS to be significantly far more effective than rTMS (Superficial TMS):

TMS Testimonials

“They give you this nine-question quiz every time you see the doctor. On a scale of 0 being the best, to 27 being the worst, I had scored consistently between 20 and 24 for decades. I felt and looked dead inside. I had no sparkle in my eyes, and I was just going through the motions to be able to pay the bills. I cried almost 24/7 for no reason and it was disconcerting to everyone. I just didn’t care anymore.

When my six weeks were up and I had finished my six maintenance sessions over the following two months, I was a new person, or better yet, the old person I had once been. My quiz score on my last day was 4. I thought I’d never see a number that low ever again. I would do the ‘Brain Magnets’ a hundred times over even if my insurance hadn’t covered it. Now I tell everyone I know who has been struggling with severe depression to talk to their doctor about TMS because if it could help me, I am sure it could help anyone. I thank Dr. Handoo for giving my life back to me and my family.”

41 years old, Kansas City, MO

“TMS saved my life and gave me a life worth living. I had tried quite a few different antidepressants that either didn’t work or had very unpleasant side effects. I’ve suffered from severe depression and anxiety since childhood so I never really knew any other way of living. When I first started seeing Dr. Handoo I felt hope with him because he really listened and understood what my problems were. I was nervous and hesitant to start because I associated TMS with electric shock therapy (They are not even slightly similar). The TMS treatments had no negative/any side effects for me. I noticed a change at about session 16 or 17 when I had a dream in color for the first time of my life. I had never had a dream in color and I literally woke up with tears because it was so vivid and beautiful. TMS has lifted this fog out of my life, I can think clearly and rationally now, and I am able to go back to doing things I love to do. The TMS has even eased a lot of my PTSD symptoms from some trauma I experienced. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Handoo for recommending TMS to me and getting me started on it. The techs are so kind and they are a huge source of support that want you to succeed. I recommend TMS to anyone I know with depression because it will change your life, save your life, and give you a life worth living. “

28 years old, Gardner, KS

“I’m 30 years old and I’ve suffered with depression and anxiety my whole life. At first when Dr. Handoo suggested TMS I was skeptical, but it has literally changed my life. The treatment doesn’t hurt, more of a loud clicking noise and a tapping on your head. The technicians and Dr. Handoo truly work miracles. I have gone from a PHQ-9 score of 25 down to 0 and this is the best my depression has ever been since I was a kid. I never knew life could be this great and full of happiness! If medications aren’t working contact Dr. Handoo and his staff, they are the BEST!”

30 years old, Shawnee, KS

I am a 57 yr old lady who has had depression for 41 yrs. Tried suicide 4 times in my life almost succeeding. By the Grace of God I was sent to Dr. Handoo.At 1st wasnt to sure about him and grew to really like him. He changed meds a few times throughout my life, but he kept telling me about TMS. Looked it up and still wasnt sure but after all these meds I decided to try TMS. It’s the best thing that has happened in 41 yrs. I don’t get depressed anymore. I get sad at times, but we all do. The great thing is I don’t beat myself up anymore. I now know I am good enough. I haven’t thought about suicide once since my TMS. Thank you Dr Handoo for being persistent but never pushy. I could go on about my story I am just here to let you know TMS is best thing that happened since I was 16 yrs old. It sure doesn’t hurt to try it. CHANGED MY LIFE. Thanks again Dr. Handoo

57 years old, Kansas City, MO

I was suffering from severe depression for many years and had tried every medication under the sun. Nothing was working. I researched TMS online and read about it and saw Dr. Handoo. I am very glad I did TMS. I feel like the fog I was in for so many years has finally lifted, and my depression is so much better since finishing TMS. Dr. Handoo and the TMS techs were amazing.

32 years old, Kansas City, MO

I just got done with my first phase of TMS and already impressed with the results. I like this treatment as it is painless and I have already started feeling more positive. I am truly impressed with Dr. Handoo’s professionalism in treating my case. In fact, the result of TMS in just one session has made me more hopeful about my future. Thanks again.

43 years old, Kansas City, MO

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