Is Ketamine an Opiate Drug?

Even though ketamine has several similar properties found in opioids, it is not an opiate drug. Instead, ketamine is classified as a dissociative anesthetic. Ketamine has anesthetic properties of opiates as well as strong dissociative properties.

A Schedule III drug, it has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and requires a medical prescription. Ketamine has gained popularity among people with treatment-resistant depression. People who do not respond well to antidepressants can lean towards an alternate form of therapy called ketamine treatment.

You will come across ketamine infusion therapy in Kansas City. If you have the false misconception of ketamine being an opiate and this deters you from seeking ketamine depression maintenance, here you will learn about how ketamine is not an opiate.

Ketamine Acts Like an Opiate — Addressing the Confusion

Ketamine is a legitimate anesthetic in the world of medicine, helping people overcome symptoms of depression. Although not an opiate, ketamine works on the brain’s opioid system according to the research published by Stanford University researchers in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

In the study, researchers administered ketamine infusion therapy to participants suffering from treatment-resistant depression. Two weeks apart, researchers administered two doses of intravenous doses of ketamine.

One hour before the first dose, they gave the participants a placebo and an hour before, they gave them the drug naltrexone, which functions to block the effects of opioids. The results:

  • Participants who received naltrexone did not see their depression improve.
  • Participants who received the placebo before ketamine infusion therapy saw their depression improve.

In short, ketamine may function somewhat as an opiate, it far from being one. Most medical professionals have deemed it as an effective alternate treatment for people with treatment-resistant depression. If you are suffering from depression, you can consider getting ketamine therapy in Kansas City.